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Our Staff

Classroom Teachers

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Subject Area Email
Mr. T. Avila Metal, Automotive, CNC, Electronics
Ms. A. Beyser Science, Math
Mr. P. Beyser Math
Mr. B. Blackmon Humanities, English, Socials
Mr. Z. Cavasin Drama, Humanities, History
Ms. C. Creamer Science, Math
Mr. M. Goerzen Physics, Science, Engineer
Mrs. L. Healy Foods, Career Life Education
Mr. M. Healy Math, Science, Environmental
Mr. S. Karagianis Music
Ms. T. Kirshenbaum French
Mr. O. Kwama Cougar Crossing
Mr. A. L'Heureux Cougar Learning Centre al'
Mr. T. MacHattie Chemistry, Math, Science
Mr. G. MacPherson Math, Psychology, Law
Ms. S. Mani Math, PE, Leadership, Yearbook
Mr. C. Marsella Math
Ms. M. McLeod Math, Science, Jr Career Ed
Mr. G. Osborne English, Humanities
Ms. H. Passmore French
Ms. E. Robertson Art
Ms. E. Ross Socials, English, PE
Ms. M. Sanders English, Socials, Humanities
Mr. O. Schutz PE, Athletic Director
Ms. E. Sheridan English, Socials, TV Production
Ms. C. Sieben Foods, Textiles
Mr. M. Sopow Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Life Sciences
Ms. S. Telfer English, Humanities
Mr. H. Unwin French, Spanish
Ms. S. Van Nuys English, Socials, TV Production
Mr. J. Walls Woodwork
Ms. C. Wilson English, Socials
Mr. J. Yamamura Math, Career Life Connections, Calculus

Support Teachers

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Role Email
M. Bell Counselor M-Z
S. Bruce Counselor A-L
S. McArthur Counselor
S. Johnson Inclusion Support
L. Clarke Librarian
A. Toffolon Librarian
MJ Hunt Indigenous Support
T. Saigeon Indigenous Support
H. Baron ELL Support

Office Staff

Name Role Email
J. Brisebois Principal
P. Bishop Vice Principal (Wednesdays and Thursdays)
S. Johnson Vice Principal (Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays)
M. Marshall Administrative Assistant
C. Procknow Office Assistant #1 (Monday - Wednesday)
R. Dickenson Office Assistant #1 (Thursdays and Fridays)
N. McLean Office Assistant #2
T. Bruce Special Ed Clerical Assistant

Support Staff

Name Role
N. Brown Education Assistant
A. Butler Education Assistant
J. Campbell Education Assistant
K. Campbell Education Assistant
J. Conlin Education Assistant
B. Cullen Education Assistant
H. Esau Education Assistant
A. Morrissey Education Assistant
S. Scarr Education Assistant
M. Stracker Education Assistant
P. Fauchon Lab Assistant, Homework Club
K. Hookham Chef VCC
K. Seymour Chef
T. Bond Custodian
M. Hunter Custodian
K. Ouellette Custodian
S. Stahl Custodian
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