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School Growth Plan

elphinstone growth plan

School Goal:

Increase the Graduation Rate to 100% so that all students enrolled in Grade 12 graduate with either a Dogwood or Evergreen Diploma.  This goal aligns with the Districts Strategic Plan, “Our students will graduate with specific life skills with a clear focus on their personal future direction in their chosen career path.”


Background and Rationale:

Within every successful accomplishment, there tends to be common traits that need to be followed in order to reach success.  As adults, we take these traits for granted.  For example, in order to learn the course material one must have consistent attendance so that learning progressions are clearly manageable and understood for the student and that teacher feedback on student output is received in a timely fashion.  These traits are naturally expected from every student; however, students are infrequently taught what these critical traits are and the direct links of these traits to future success.

Therefore, emphasis will be given to the identification and the direct teaching of these traits to specific at-risk students.  Regular check points throughout the year will be set-up to monitor, evaluate and adapt/modify the support intervention levels with these students. 



1.    Identify At-Risk Students – determine focus group

2.    Reduce Attendance Issues – monitor and intervene

3.    Increase Student-Curriculum Engagement – emphasis on work habits and applying the 8 Elements of Learning Design (future attachment)

4.    Analyze Data – scrutinize grades, work habits, attendance and incidences

5.    Shared Vision – all stakeholders are working together and using a common vision (Graduation Rates)

Objective Strategies:

1.    Identify At-Risk Students

i.               Through meetings with teachers, counselors and parents, generate an at-risk list of students to be monitored (SBT).

ii.             This list is flexible – students can be added or removed from list throughout the year.

2.    Reduce Attendance Issues

i.               Follow the procedure of the teacher calls home, SBT meeting, counselor intervention and, finally, admin support process.

ii.             Continue with the MyEd Parent Portal so parents can access student attendance and marks.

3.    Increase Student-Curriculum Engagement

i.      More emphasis placed on work habits by posting work habit expectations in classrooms

ii.    Tie work habits with all extra-curricular  involvement.

iii.  Teachers create lessons using the 8 Element of Learning Design to optimize student engagement.

4.    Analyze Data

i.      Using formal monthly meetings with Sp Ed: focus on, assignment completion, course marks, attendance, work habits, attitudes, etc.

5.    Shared Vision

i.      Common expectations will be posted around the school in order to familiarize and focus student efforts on learning

ii.    The creation of these expectations will be from all stakeholder groups

Targets for Actions:

November, 2019

a)    Compile and calculate work habit  and % for subject areas

b)   Analyze report card data with teachers and students

c)    Continue to revamp supports from the collected data

June, 2019

a)    Ensure that all grade 12 students graduate

Data Targets:

September, 2019

New usernames and password sent to parents for MyEd access

Every month: SBT

Each student will be discussed and monitored: attendance, engagement, incidences, significant adult input.

January, 2020: Term 2


Report card:  Generate failure lists: grade 8-12.  Record course, mark, attendance and work habit.  Goal to have student in a passing status by January, 2020.

Report card: Goal: Grade 10-12 (semester change) no failing school marks.

Parent Portal – parents can check both portal and receive paper report cards

March, 2020:

Focus on Grade 8/9 work habits and attendance

April, 2020: Term 3

Report card:  Generate failure lists: grade 8-12, work habits

June, 2020:  Term 4

Report card: Goal: Grade 8-12 no failing school marks.


Parent Portal – parents receive report cards online and on request – paper

Engagement with Parents

1.    Immediately involve parents of students who are failing courses – their involvement in a successful recovery plan is critical.

2.    Formally inform parents of our goal: Increase the Graduation Rate to 100% so that all students enrolled in Grade 12 graduate with either a Dogwood or Evergreen Diplomas through school social media (Elphinstone App), PAC meetings, Parent Night Meetings and parent memos going home.

3.    Continue with our School App to provide immediate and relevant information to all our App users.  Expand our information to parents in order to support them with their son’s/daughter’s educational program.

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